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Additional Notes

This is a scheduled maintenance release for prioritised defect fixes and improvements, including an International Drools Rules (v1.16) update, but also marks a significant step as it moves the classification process into a new external stand-alone service to prepare the Authoring Platform for imminent new Description Logic (DL) authoring features now being developed.

Whilst compatibility and consistency with the "internal" (SnowOwl) classification results was a key goal for the new external service, there are some differences in the handling of concept equivalencies which should be noted. With the new classification service, a cloned equivalent concept is inferred as the new parent of the original concept, whereas previously the original concept was not changed. Furthermore, the original concept should also be a subconcept of the cloned concept. This is the normal representation of equivalency between two concepts.

Equivalent concepts are still highlighted and displayed side by side in a single row in the classification results. The details of their inferred relationships are not important, however, since the equivalency must be resolved to progress with the concept/task, and any new inferred relationships will be eliminated once the equivalency is fixed and re-classified.

This change aligns the classification results with the proper logic representation of equivalence, but authors should note and be aware of the differences when creating new content that involves resolving equivalencies.

With this first implementation of the external service (needed to support the timely implementation of the new DL features), please also note the following:

  • There may now be some contention between classification and validation requests if they occur very closely together (within seconds), since they both use the same file export services which can currently only process one request at a time. If this blocks a classification request, a notification will be presented and the classification will need to be re-run.
  • Total classification time is expected to increase by 50-100%.
  • Authors should check all classifications that are displayed with a yellow icon as they may have an equivalency in the results.

These performance and presentation aspects are prioritised for optimisation in future maintenance / feature releases.

A non-functional change in this release, but one which improves browsing consistency, usability, accessibility and also maintenance and regression testing overhead per release is the removal of the Application View preference setting (default|compact|comfy) included in the original presentation design. The original intent of these options is better achieved now using the inherent zoom capabilities of the web browser - please see more information on zooming in Chrome if needed.

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.5.1new
Drools Rules1.16new
MRCM Rules1.16unchanged
Orchestration Service1.37.0unchanged
SNOMED Templates1.2.1unchanged
Template Service (API)1.4.3unchanged
Terminology Server5.10.18new
Traceability Service1.0.5unchanged
TS Browser0.19unchanged

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.2.1unchanged


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