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Presenters: Regis Charlot & Eric Rose, MD, Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc., Northbrook, IL, USA



This presentation is targeted toward clinical informaticians responding to concerns of data normalization, transformation and grouper heuristics.


Attendees will be exposed to structured data challenges, maintaining clinical intent across platforms, and applying data transformations to respond to reporting, analytics, and clinical workflows.


This session will demonstrate the importance of the normalization of clinical data across the healthcare ecosystem including HIE and other use cases. We will discuss the various structured data challenges including maintaining clinical intent across platforms, dealing with the myriad of coding systems used to report data, the effects of downstream applications that have disparate inbound data requirements, the challenges presented by the need for groupers and cohort identification as well as their maintenance, and the difficulty of maintaining crossmaps for these and other use cases.  We will present IMO’s Best Practice solutions that demonstrate how syncing inbound documents and messages to clinical interface terminologies that can be used to map to reference terminology such as SNOMED CT and that allows for the efficient use of data for downstream reporting, analytics, and clinical workflows. We will present potential grouper solutions that are becoming necessary as the reliance on aggregated codified data increases.  Finally, we will present potential solutions to the challenges faced daily and raise for consideration practical applications of clinical interface terminology within the healthcare ecosystem.

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