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Anne Højen and Donna Morgan


Clinicians, vendors, developers, project managers and standards implementers.


Mapping between SNOMED CT and other classifications and code systems is important for a wide range of purposes, including migrating a system to use SNOMED CT, generating statistical reports, linking to clinical guidelines, and standardizing communications between systems. A map is an association between concepts or terms in one code system and concepts or terms in another code system that have the same (or similar) meaning. 

This tutorial provides an introduction to mapping to and from SNOMED CT. It will explain the purpose and use of maps, explore some basic principles of map development, and present the maps that are available as part of the SNOMED CT international release. The key features of SNOMED International's mapping tool, used to manage the map from SNOMED CT to ICD-10, will also be demonstrated.


After attending this tutorial, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of maps
  • Summarize the different types of maps
  • Describe basic mapping principles
  • List some examples of maps that are available as part of the SNOMED CT international release
  • Describe key features of the SNOMED International mapping tool


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