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February 13, 2017


Discussion items

1Welcome, apologies and conflicts of interestHazel Brear
  • Notes (audio recording underway)

2 The Future of Special Interest Groups

Ian presented the agreed way forward for clinical engagement (see attached slides).


Will we be having future scheduled calls. ? Not regular scheduled calls but calls can be held if required.

KWF wants to clarify how the group will be run. Will Hazel continue? There will be no chairs for these clinical groups. Hazel will continue to be involved.

If the group decides to have a face-to-face meeting what is the procedure for requesting that? There will be a form to fill in , stating what are the drivers, what are the cost benefit and the expected outcome

Who will raise questions? It will be the group members themselves. Discussion items will need to be raised by group members.

Internal mapping team can raise questions with the group.

Ian will drive the discussions by raising some initial questions.

Are there going to be any major changes to the Confluence website? Not at this time but until the sites are built we will have to see how this works.



Genomics project, progress  
4. Next meeting  

Genomics strategy will be ready by the middle of next week.

Meeting Files

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