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New Features/Improvements

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Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is a scheduled maintenance release for the International Authoring Platform. Please note the following:

  • From this release the Production platform Feedback issue collector will create tickets in the DevOps Support (INFRA) project in JIRA, for initial review, support and processing by the Operations Team before appropriate development prioritisation and maintenance release scheduling.
  • The Terminology Server updates include changes to the classifier to ensure that the role groups used for inferred relationships align to those in the SNOMED CT release. Projects will see these classification changes after rebasing, until re-classified and the results saved to take in these changes. This also applies to existing tasks if subsequently rebased from their project. If these classification results are seen, they are expected role group changes and can be accepted. New tasks created after the project is rebased/re-classified will not be affected.
  • Updates to the Machine Readable Content Model (MRCM) rules are applied to MAIN. If not yet available in an authoring project, please rebase the project from MAIN to pick up the changes (but also bear in mind the classification changes noted above). To apply them to an existing task, rebase the task from the project once the project has been rebased. New tasks created after rebasing the project will implicitly include these latest MRCM updates. 
  • Updates to the integrated Terminology Server (TS) Browser include improved branch selection, with separate project and task selectors replacing the current single "list of everything" selector. Please note these changes also include unified authentication with the Authoring Platform login - if you go to the TS Browser directly without being logged in you will see an "Error while retrieving data from server..." message in the Concept Details panel - if this happens, please log in to the Authoring Platform and then return to the TS Browser. 
  • Enhancements to the Identity Management Services (IMS) for login authentication include a fix for the long-standing "page refresh to clear cookies" problem, along with updates to text, messages and labelling in IMS screens/forms.
  • Organisation branding, logos and related links are updated to reflect the change from IHTSDO to SNOMED International.
  • Some improvements listed above are "behind the scenes" reliability and security updates, related to how large numbers of identifiers are obtained from the Component Identifier Service (CIS) and how Authoring Platform services authenticate.

Module versions

Front-end Version 2.0.14

Back-end Version 4.9.0

Orchestration Service Version 1.34.0

RVF Version 0.1.64

TS Browser Version 0.19

IMS Version 1.0.4

Traceability Service Version 1.0.5

Drools Rules Tag v1.9

SNOMED Template Service Version 1.0.1

Spellcheck Service Version 1.0.0




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