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With increased use of the refset tool I have a feeling that the numbers of refset (with the addition of local sets) will increase alot and make it difficult to navigate through all the refsets.

To make the tool easier to navigate with extensions and different language users in mind I can think of two options on the top of my head:

  1. Brand the tool like MLDS. Only show swedish refsets as default, make the rest available on demand. 
  2. Add an extension specific directory.


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  1. Omid Mavadati I think this is an interesting idea. The branding is a bigger task to start with, so maybe a starting point could be a simple filter on the directory landing page, which we could default via a specific and provided URL, e.g.

  2. A simple filter to start with would be nice to have Rory Davidson. I'm guessing the filter would had to be on the "Terminology" field since local sets does not have moduleId. Are you thinking that it should be the same as the way that refset urls are used? When opening the url the filter gets prepopulated with "id:6674202".



    1. Yes, something like that, although you are correct that for local sets we may need another filter to help with this. Refsets can easily use the module ID, but I would expect there to be far more local sets. Then again, what are the filters we are considering, i.e.:

      • country
      • language
      • organization
      • domain
      • etc

      Open to suggestions.

      1. Only issue I see with that approach is the filter showing in the search box.

        Not sure what filters there are now. Maybe all the refset metadata fields should be able to be filtered. 

        • country
        • language
        • organization
        • domain
        • version(effectiveTime)
        • edition(INT, SE, etc)
        1. Agree. Will discuss with the development team.