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What is the SNOMED CT Content Request Service (CRS)?

This tool allows users to request modify or make additions to SNOMED CT.

How do I get to CRS?

Please go to or, where you will be asked to log in.

How do I obtain a CRS Account?

Please see, Accessing CRS.

What type of content requests can I make?

Users able to create requests to add, modify or retire information in SNOMED CT including:

  • Creating a new Concept(s)
  • New Synonym(s)
  • Add Parent(s)
  • Modify Description(s)
  • Modify Parent(s)
  • Modify Relationship(s)
  • New Relationship(s)
  • Retire Concept(s)
  • Retire Description(s)
  • Retire Relationship(s)
  • Other: 
    • Request for new attributes to be introduced
    • Request for existing attributes to be removed
    • Request for existing Refsets to be amended (new members or changes)
    • Request for enhancement (clean-up) of areas of SNOMED CT
    • Request for changes to the concept model
    • Changes to editorial policy statements
    • Changes to text definitions (e.g. "surgical procedure")
    • Request for Quality initiative to address specific quality issues within the Terminology

How are Requests Prioritized?

All requests are treated as normal priority with the exception of data errors. Where a request points towards a possible error in SNOMED CT, the request will be prioritized for investigation.

How do I submit a request? 

There are three methods of creating requests for SNOMED Content: Simple Mode,  Direct Mode, and Batch Mode. To learn more about these modes and help choosing the correct one see: Creating Requests

Can I save my Content Request and return to it later for completion?

Users may exist the system for later completion, validation, and submission.

Can I modify my Request once it is submitted?

As an requestor you can do a number of things on each request -  Managing Submitted Requests Screen


Further Information

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Request Status Glossary

DraftThe request has been saved but not yet submitted
SubmittedThe request has been submitted and is waiting to be triaged by a member of IHTSDO staff
AcceptedFollowing initial review, each request is assigned a manager who is a member of the Content Team. A change to a status of “Accepted” does not mean that the request will be approved for inclusion in SNOMED CT.

In Inception/

In Elaboration

Where a new request aligns with an ongoing content project, the request will be placed on hold until editorial policy is available to support the requested change or addition. Content projects are intended to investigate issues or enhancements to both existing and future content for SNOMED CT.
A process for understanding the problem and elaboration of a solution is undertaken in order to make improvements to existing content and clarify how content of a similar nature will be incorporated into SNOMED CT in the future. Depending upon the nature of the content project, this may be a longterm large scale content project or a smaller project with a shorter timescale.

Clarification RequestedWhere insufficient information is provided to proceed with a request, the request manager will incorporate questions to be resolved into the comments text field and change the status of the request to Clarification Requested. The submitter of the request has 90 days to respond otherwise the request will be rejected
Request RejectedThis Refers to a request that has been rejected because it does not fall within the scope of SNOMED CT's editorial guidelines or a request clarification has not been responded to within 90 days.
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