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  1. Open ansible-inventory/files/users/users.yml
  2. If adding a user it is easiest to copy an existing user and then edit. 
    Sometimes the user already exists and has been commented out as some users are only applicable to specific instances. 
    So check to see if the user already exists and if so simply uncomment and save.
  3. If not the copy an existing user you will need to change everything except :
    groups: [ 'sysadmin' ]
  4. The uid must be unique and if an internal user the should be in the 5000 series (e.g. 5100) . If External then in the 6000 series (e.g. 6100)
  5. The user must have provided you with an ssh key as we only use these.
  6. When the user has been added, save the file.
  7. If looking the add this user to all machines in a given group (e.g. UAT) then you can simply run:
    ansible-playbook -i ansible-inventory/uat ihtsdo-ansible/adduser.yml
  8. If looking to add to a specific machine (for example the uat-ms-authoring instance within the uat group) then run :
    ansible-playbook -i ansible-inventory-develop/uat ihtsdo-ansible/adduser.yml -l


  9. If the user is an internal user and will eventually be needed on all instances then you are done. 
  10. If not (for example only required on the specific machine above or an external party etc) then you MUST comment that user out 
    else the overnight jobs will pick up the user and add him to other instances.


  1. Open ansible-inventory/files/users/users.yml
  2. Comment out or delete the user from the list of users
  3. At the bottom of the file you will see: "users_deleted:" add the username you wish to see removed e.g.
  4. users_deleted:
      - myexampleuser
  5. Run in the same way as 7 & 8 above (e.g 8  if you just wish to remove that user from a specific machine).
  6. Equally 9 & 10 above also apply in reverse i.e. if you wish to see this user removed from all machines over night then leave else comment out or remove the changes made in step 2/3.


And Finally.........

As ever remember to commit and push your changes back to the repository  if you have made changes other will need (for example the over night jobs) .

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