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New Features/Improvements

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Defects Corrected

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Additional Notes

This release focuses on bug-fixes related to save validation in the concept editing and merge review panels, and also introduces improvements to the left-hand tab panels so that they are independently scrollable relative to the main edit panel.

Further work is in hand related to MRCM rules and some particular editing cases, but this version has been accepted for release since the benefits from other fixes outweigh the benefit of awaiting completion of these remaining save validation scenario updates. These are specifically:

  • When two definitions are (mistakenly) set to Preferred in both dialects the acceptability of one definition is automatically changed to Acceptable. There should be an error message instead.
  • Acceptability is no longer automatically set to Acceptable on any text definition, but it is still allowed, for example, to have two definitions, one of which is Preferred in both dialects, while the other is Not Acceptable in either of them.

Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.125

Back-end Version 4.5.54

Orchestration Service Version 1.23

TS Browser Version 0.17

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