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1Welcome, apologies, conflicts of interestHazel Brear
  • audio recording underway

  • no conflicts of interest declared
2Notes and actions from previous meetingHazel BrearActions completedUpdated presentation on Future direction of Mapping SIG prepared by Ian Green and uploaded to confluence for review by members of the group.
 3.Allergy and Adverse Sensitivities Implementation Guidance

James R. Campbell

Kin-Wah Fung

 Slowly making progress on the authoring of this guide. The Implementation SIG have not been modifying the draft document in the last month, however the work is on-going.

Allergy and Sensitivities is now formally on the work-plan for 2016 so there is discussion as to whether the guidance document should be handed over to members of the management team for progression.

There are similar discussions going on in the Implementation SIG about their future direction as we are having within our group.



4.  Mapping Service Team ReportKathy GiannangeloUnavailable due to technical issues. 
5. Future direction of Mapping SIGIan Green

 Ian not available today. Hazel shared the updated presentation to the group. Group discussed the two new options suggested.

Jim Campbell talked about the interoperation between SCT and ICD-11 in the relevant domains of SCT and that this will basically occur by mutual agreement with the WHO. ICD-11 classification codes will be defined as queries based upon a subset of SCT as the reference ontology. What is being proposed is an extension of interoperation that would allow a computable set of SNOMED CT concepts that should be classified as the ICD-11 class. Not a map in the traditional sense but establishing a computer relationship between SCT Clinical Findings and ICD-11 diseases. He does have a concern that this is resource intensive and is not sure that either the IHTSDO or WHO have yet understand the maintenance burden that this 'link' will generate in the future in order to maintain the accuracy and content of these harmonised standards which both change (regularly)in content and substance. Maintenance will be a collaboration will require continued dialogue between the two organisations and the need for an advisory group will be needed but it is not a Mapping SIG it is more an interoperation. He feels either option will quickly become outdated.

Kin Wah Fung feels that the group should be advisors on all the different 'links' between terminologies and terminologies and terminologies and classifications but concerned that the scope may become too broad for this to be useful.

Suggestion is that the group should be something like an 'Interoperation Group'.

Decision by group to have an extra meeting next week with Ian to discuss further.

We should ask Ian how much he expects the group to be working on SNOMED CT's interoperation and harmonisation with other terminologies and classifications.



 Hazel Brear to arrange a futher meeting on 16-Mar-2016 and ask Ian to attend.


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