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The Editorial advisory group of IHTSDO recommends that the restriction on the addition of content representing “left”, “right” and “bilateral” be relaxed. Multiple options were reviewed for feasibility and impact and a recommended approach selected. The resulting proposal will have substantial impact on the volume of content development, revision to existing content and enhancements to content development tooling and potentially the release process. The anticipated content additions that contain laterality will result in significant increase (on the order of many thousands) in content in the International release. The additional content will result in the removal of a significant barrier to SNOMED CT implementation by providing users with desired pre-coordinated content.


  1. Hi, Where can we find the tracker item: artf223747 referred in the above document?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Linda et al,

    We are still in the progress of opening up the trackers after the transfer across from Collabnet. Here is what has been noted at this point in time for this tracker issue.  It's a precoordination roadmap pattern so it doesn't have the content development documentation that you would have noticed had been prepared for the laterality work.

    By the way you may note the number PRP-167 on this document. The tracker items have been given JIRA numbers as part of the transfer. PRP is for Precoordination Roadmap Patterns. The Content Tracker uses IHTSDO-XXX. Both the old artfXXXX and the new JIRA numbers will be used on those issues that have been brought across from Collabnet.  




  3. As advised at CMAG meeting 12 July 16, a decision has been made to allow laterality. To support this lateralised anatomy concepts will be added as required and used to support modelling of defined procedure and clinical finding concepts. Please see: 2016-06-27 Editorial Advisory Group Conference Call for further details.

    This topic will now be noted as resolved.