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Hi all,

I have posted a copy of the difference report for the new release of the IFP/GP subset. The report can be found under documents/March 2016 release. In preparation for the meeting, can you please review the proposed changes as detailed in the document before the meeting. You will find details of the content that has been inactivated, and suggested replacement content on which to base your assessment.

Many thanks,


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  1. Hi Ian,

    I had to do some hunting around to find the right spot so here is the path step by step.
    Home page, Spaces, International Family Practice - General Practice SIG. Then to the left hand panel and down to Documents.

    There were only 8 items in the list. I assume that Col B is the new entry and Col K is what is being replaced?
    Over the past few years we have concentrated on the development of this refset. I think that one area that needs attention is implementation. Since we have a great tool now the challenge is to get the primary care docs aware of this and to dispel the many myths that are out there about SNOMED that are holding back adoption.


  2. Ian Green AUTHOR

    Hi Ray,

    Column B is the existing term in the subset, column K is the term from the SNOMED CT history files that replaces the term.