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Hi everyone,

As mentioned at the October meeting we are looking to hold CMAG meetings 4 times a year. Our first meeting for 2024 will be Wednesday 24 January at 1200 UTC.  The draft agenda (with dial in details) is located: 2024-01-24 - CMAG Meeting. CMAG members are asked to prepare for the meeting, in particular for the following two topics:

  • National content work - Please be ready with an update upcoming national content activities and advice on past work which may be of interest to other CMAG members.
  • Impact of international content changes on extensions

If there are any other topics for the agenda please add a comment to the agenda page or email Monica and myself. 

Observers are welcome to attend. 

Please also ensure that you have updated your details the Declaration of Interests page. 

Kind regards,

Cathy Richardson

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