Dear ELAG members,

Please see the following links for the SNOMED International's October 2023 events.

October 2023 Business Meeting

October 2023 Business Meetings Schedule

October 2023 Business Meetings & SNOMED CT Expo 2023 Registration

SNOMED CT Expo 2023 Program

We look forward to meeting you on the ELAG meeting.

The ELAG meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd October at 13:30-17:00 EDT Atlantan local time. This is 17:30-21:00 UTC for those attending virtually. 

There will be a break in the meeting, 15:00-15:30 EDT Atlantan local time.

Agenda and zoom details are available on confluence, 2023-10-23 ELAG Hybrid Meeting (via Zoom)

Best wishes


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