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Hi all,

There will be no meeting this week.

I welcome your feedback on the ECL 2.2 syntax changes.

The syntax can be tested in the ANTRL Lab by:

  • clearing the content of the "Lexer" tab
  • putting the latest in-development syntax into the "Parser" tab
  • putting "expressionconstraint" into "Start rule"
  • putting the ECL into the textbox on the right and clicking "Run" .. this will check that the syntax parses well and generate the parser tree

Note this is the syntax only, there are no ECL 2.2 implementations yet.

Kai Kewley

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  1. Hi Kai, do you have a summary of the changes?

    e.g., leaves/roots syntax, LOINC identifiers, other?

    1. Those are the two things I have tested. Believe that's all.

    2. Kai Kewley AUTHOR

      Yes, it's just alternate identifiers and top/bottom. See syntax diffs between dev and master on github.

  2. Kai Kewley AUTHOR

    We are wondering about changing the syntax to force the use of parenthesis when using top/bottom. Because this operator works on sets of concepts and does not make sense on single concepts. I think using a wildcard is the only time when parenthesis would not be needed when using the top/bottom operators.


  3. Hi Kai,

    I haven't had the chance of reviewing the ECL 2.2 Syntax changes yet, hope I can make time for it in July.

    Is there a planned release date for these changes?



    1. Kai Kewley AUTHOR

      Hi Márk Czotter

      The changes are currently in the develop branch of

      We usually publish ECL changes once someone has implemented them to check there are no issues with the syntax from a software engineer and testing perspective.

      I'm not sure if Michael has had a go in Ontoserver but I have not added it to Snowstorm yet. I aim to do it before the October conference. Please do let me know if you get to it first!

      The documentation for these new ECL features also needs to be written and reviewed in the next couple of months.