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Request received from the Netherlands whilst translating content as follows:

We struggled to interpret 398106007 |Intensive care neurological disorder (disorder)| correctly; we were unsure if it referred to a neurological disorder emerged before, during or after an IC stay.

In the translation user group we reached the consensus that it refers to a neurological condition that has emerged because of an IC stay; i.e. a causal relationship. But we also discovered that the Netherlands was not the only country to be confused; the Danish translation is also incorrect.

So, even though all English speakers and especially all IC specialists are likely to interpret this correctly, we propose to clarify the concept through modelling (adding a due to IC stay relation) and/or the FSN and/or a text definition.

The same applies to 231450007 |Intensivecare psychosis| and descendants.

I would appreciate your clinical views on these concepts before going back to the requester:

  1. 398066007 |Intensive care psychiatric disorder (disorder)|
  2. 398106007 |Intensive care neurological disorder (disorder)|
  3. 231451006 |Drug-induced intensive care psychosis (disorder)|
  4. 231450007 |Psychosis associated with intensive care (disorder)|

Many thanks


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  1. My understanding from our discussion was that the group thought that these were conditions that occurred during an ICU stay but apart from drug-induced psychosis it would not be possible to state an absolute causal relationship.  I would then need to obtain input from clinicians working in ICU and will ask the Nursing CRG if they have access to ICU nurses.

    Cathy Richardson would you be able to raise this with the Nursing group please if they have access to ICU nurse specialists.