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The Organism and Infectious Disease Model (OIDM) Project Group is to be “sunsetted”.   The project files will be archived on the SNOMED Confluence site (Archive - Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Health Professions Coordination Group (HPCG) and Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs).   Work on the organisms hierarchy is being suspended because the Member Forum has not given the work a high priority to allow for provision of editorial resources.  Costs associated with completed work have been limited to project and editorial review.

The OIDM project established that the organism hierarchy represents populations of actual organisms in any realistic stages of their life span or life cycle.  The project established major naming convention guidelines for the organism hierarchy.  Two content projects were completed and one reached approval for construction.  (IHTSDO-455) Removed the stages of organism life-cycles (to be treated as organism attribute values) while creating organisms “existing in” various stages of life cycles.  (IHTSDO-1003) Clarified and simplified the upper levels of the SNOMED organism hierarchy.  A single consistent taxonomic organisation was selected and implemented at the top level of the hierarchy (3 domains, prions & viruses).  Removed a number of intermediate redundancies and corrected significant factual errors.  IHTSDO - 1132 completed the analysis for revision and factual correction of the subhierarchy under “Antimicrobial resistant organism.” 


Jeff R. Wilcke, DVM, MS, DACVCP
Metcalf Professor of Veterinary Medical Informatics
Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology

"I may not be where I wanted to go, but I have ended up where I needed to be"   - Douglas Adams (paraphrased)