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How to create a new task within an existing project on the Authoring Platform. Prerequisite steps: Log in to the International Authoring Platform, See my tasks

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From the Dashboard - My Tasks view:

Press New Task in the left-hand menu bar.

Press the blue circular + button in the upper right corner of the Dashboard - My Tasks content panel.

The Create New Task pop-up form is presented, centred on the page and overlaying the Dashboard - My Tasks view which is dimmed but still visible "below" the form.

This form has three content entry fields, and three calls to action at the bottom of the form:

  • Task title field (required).
  • Select project drop-down list selector (required).
  • Task Details optional multi-line rich text field, with a sub-menu for formatting selected contents as bold font, italic font, button list, and numbered sequential list.
  • Create Task button.
  • Create and Open Task button.
  • Cancel button.

The pop-up form also has a small X button in its top right corner. This has the same effect as the Cancel button.

Enter a single line Task title for identification of this task in the Authoring Platform.

Press Select project to see an overlaid list of all available projects on the Authoring Platform. Pick one from the list by moving the cursor to its title and pressing it, or using the keyboard up-arrow / down-arrow buttons to scroll the list and then press Enter on the desired selection .

Enter some further descriptive text in Task Details and use the text formatting options menu to enhance readability if desired (select some text within the field, then press the desired option button in the menu). This field is optional and can be left blank but some additional background information on the task can often be useful, particularly if many tasks end up with similar titles.

titleTask title

Task titles can be up to 255 characters maximum, but it should be as concise as possible whilst still conveying sufficient information to identify it alongside other text entries in task lists.

titleCancelling the task creation

At any stage up to this point:


Press the top-right corner

This will close the form without creating a task (any contents in the fields will be lost), and the original underlying Dashboard - My Tasks view will be restored with no changes.

titleCan't cancel after requesting creation

Once one of the following steps are taken, the specified task creation cannot be cancelled, however a task can be subsequently deleted if created in error, or it is no longer needed.

When the form fields are ready:

Press Create Task

Press Create and Open Task

A full-width "Creating task..." notification banner appears above the call to action buttons (which are greyed out) whilst the task is being set-up - this typically takes a few seconds.

On completion, a "Task initialization complete" notification banner is presented in the page header.

If Create Task was used, then the pop-up form will close and the original underlying Dashboard My Tasks view will be restored. The new task title will appear in the task list.

If Create and Open Task was used, then the pop-up form will close and the task will be opened as if its listing entry link had been followed from the Dashboard - My Tasks view, allowing authoring to start immediately within the task.