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This is a request for information on the use of the following anaesthesia related concepts:

67902001 |Anesthesia for a normal healthy patient (procedure)|
23102000 |Anesthesia for a patient with mild systemic disease (procedure)|
22211001 |Anesthesia for a patient with severe systemic disease (procedure)|
112989003 |Anesthesia for a moribund patient requiring operation (procedure)|
71191009 |Anesthesia for a patient with severe systemic disease, life threatening (procedure)|

In reviewing these concepts, it has come to our attention that there is some similarity between these concept descriptions and those which are used in the ASA Physical Status Classification System.

The link to this classification is

We note that the date of the last update is given as 15 October 2014 and that while the descriptions used within SNOMED CT bear a close resemblance they differ in the following respects:
    • They do not include a reference to the ASA stage
    • The SNOMED CT description includes the phrase “Anesthesia for….”

In order for us to decide whether we should reach out to the ASA it would be helpful if you could answer the following questions:

1. Is the ASA Physical Status Classification System a nationally accepted classification which is in current widespread use in:


       a. The US


       b. Internationally
2. Are the SNOMED CT concepts identified above widely used in:


       a. The US


       b. Internationally

I would be grateful for your views.
Kind regards
Paul Amos
I have included Jane Millar in this conversation due to her role as collaboration Lead.

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