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  1. Prior to accessing the SNOMED International training authoring platform, all participants must accept the Authoring Platform Terms of Usage. These terms of usage stay in effect during any period in which access is granted.
  2. The following reference materials are permitted for use during all of the exam:
    • Any internet search sites for understanding a concept's clinical meaning including medical dictionaries
    • Personal notes and course material
    • SNOMED International Browser
    • SNOMED International Training Authoring Platform
    • SNOMED International Guides
    • SNOMED International Confluence Pages
    • SNOMED International Jira Pages
  3. Please be aware that we do not provide individual exam results or feedback whether or not the exam has been passed.
  4. If a candidate fails a certification exam, they may re-enrol in the certification exam at most once within 12 months of completing their first attempt.
  5. If a candidate fails a certification exam twice within 12 months, then prior to re-enrolling in the certification exam they must either (a) enrol (or re-enrol) in the relevant SNOMED International preparation course and successfully complete this course, or (b) wait a further 12 months after their most recent attempt before re-enrolling in the certification exam.