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Release File Specification

The SNOMED CT Release File Specification formally defines the formats in which SNOMED CT is provided to SNOMED International Members and Affiliates.
FTemplate SyntaxThe SNOMED template syntax specification defines the formal rules for representing slots in SNOMED CT expressions, expression constraints or queries.


SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline

This document describes a diagrammatic notation for representing the definition of a concept, an expression, or relation between expressions within SNOMED CT. See also 'SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline Templates' on the Tooling Documentation tab of the Document Library.



This document provides a specification for the format and usage of SNOMED CT URIs. Such a URI might identify "A clinical idea to which a unique Concept Identifier has been assigned"1. However, it does not specify orstandardiseany aspect of the representation of these things. Appropriate representations may vary greatly depending on use-case requirements and servicesutilisingthe URIs specified here are free to make their own choices.


SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar Specification and Guide

Revised (May 2015) specification of the SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar used for expressions and definitions. The replaces the specification in the current edition of the Technical Implementation Guides.


SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Specification and Guide

Published (September 2015) specification of SNOMED CT Expression Constraints usedforrepresent constraints on the content and structure of an expression. Also used to represent anintensionalsubset of SNOMED CT concepts. This extends, formalized and replaces earlier informal constraint representations such as those documented in HL7 TermInfo Release 1.


Release Format 1 Guide

The specification of the old SNOMED CT release format and guidance on its use. The specification is published for those still using the old format. ** Note RF1 is no longer being maintained or developed as it was replaced by RF2 in 2012 **

DMachine Readable Concept ModelThe SNOMED CT Machine Readable Concept Model  (MRCM) represents the SNOMED CT concept model rules in a form that can be read and tested by a computer.  This specification defines the format used by SNOMED International's MRCM. This format uses the SNOMED CT Reference Set mechanism to provide a file structure with inbuilt versioning, and the Expression Constraint Language to representintensionalSNOMED CT subsets referred to by the concept model rules. This allows distribution of the MRCM usingstandardRF2 reference set files and interpretation of the rules using tools that support the SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language.