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If the source concept does not assert age or time of life and only restricted targets are within scope, the map will be considered CONTEXT DEPENDENT and the Mapping Specialist Map Terminologist will assemble two or more Map members including Map Rules to properly classify to each ICD-10 target classification. The mapRule will be constructed with reference to the SNOMED CT observable for "current chronological age."


  • Concept
    t32398004 | Bronchitis (disorder)|
    will be flagged for age context. WHO advice specifies that Bronchitis (unspecifiedwithout further specification) should map to J20.9, Acute bronchitis, for a patient under age 15. Otherwise the correct map for "Bronchitis" is J40, Bronchitis, not specified as chronic or acute.

titleNotes and Exceptions

Juvenile-onset and adult-onset diabetes will be considered archaic terminology and always treated as type 1 and type 2 diabetes respectively.