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The guide presents an introduction to clinical decision support using SNOMED CT and is structured as follows:

  • 455251871. Introduction: Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the guide, and defines clinical decision support (CDS) and clinical decision support systems (CDSS). It then presents an overview of CDS (including its scope, history and the 'five rights'), it explores the functional and clinical areas in which CDS is used, the features of SNOMED CT that support CDS, and a table of abbreviations used in this guide.
  • 2. Logical Architecture: Chapter 2 presents an overview of the logical architecture of an electronic health records system that uses CDS, and the internal components of a CDSS system.
  • 3. Knowledge Base: Chapter 3 describes the knowledge base of a CDSS, in which the knowledge artifacts that drive the CDS are stored, and how SNOMED CT may be used within these artifacts.
  • 4. Inference Engine: Chapter 4 explains how the inference engine of a CDSS can use SNOMED CT to execute the knowledge artifacts in the knowledge base.
  • 5. Communications: Chapter 5 explores some of the considerations around implementing the communication mechanisms in a CDSS.