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December 07, 2016  1430 UTC



  • Determine how best to deal with older caries terms, final review of whether to move ahead with general dentistry term set and odontogram term set.

Discussion items

1AttendanceMark Jurkovich 
2Review of Wellington, NZ meeting

Mark Jurkovich

  • Highlights
3Caries modeling projectJoel
  • Are all the building blocks present?
  • Representations of expressions
  • Big win is to look at building blocks in refset and see how we want to put them together
  • Middle third should not be a child of e.g. outer half on dentin (PMH)
  • Need to do a strong review of how dental caries are represented in SNOMED. There are current serious issues.
  • Primary vs. Secondary, Active vs. Non-active
  • Need a proper representation of 708580001|Middle third of dentin (body structure)
  • Definition of "Clinical finding" (6.1.1 Clinical Finding - definition)
  • Definition of Morphologic abnormality vs. Clinical Finding ( Morphologic abnormalities vs. Findings)
4Tooth anatomy discussionPenni, Mark
  • Did we resolve issues by changing "parents"?
5Demonstration of new submission systemMaria
  • Demo

Information for the meeting: the new CRS system has replaced SIRS

6Comprehensive list of Odontogram term setJorn
  • Review and verifications
7Review caries term lists - ID those for inactivationMark Jurkovich
  • Spreadsheet to be posted
8Health Professions Coordination Group UpdateJorn Andre Jorgensen & Mark Jurkovich
  • Possible change from SIGs are special projects groups
  • IHTSDO is looking at changing things
  • Will need to submit project request form?
9Future in person meetings discussionElsbeth, & Mark
  • March with IADR?
  • April in London?
  • Possible-October in Bratislava
  • Probably meet in London, Spring Business meeting (April 23-26, 2017)
  • Should we meet at IADR in San Francisco in March Elsbeth would be happy to host. Date is March 22-25th, 2017. The Thursday or Friday meet.
  • Fall Business Meeting: Bratislava, Slovak Republic (October 15-18, 2017)
  • SNODENT in Chicago in March 1st, 2017
10Other businessMark Jurkovich  
  • Next meeting is 22 February 2017


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