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The International SNOMED CT Content Request Service (CRS) is located here,

The US SNOMED CT Content Request Service (USCRS) is located here,

System requirements for using CRS & USCRS

In order to use both CRS and USCRS, it is strongly recommended to use Google Chrome and a reliable internet connection. No other software needs to be installed on your computer in order to use CRS.

Who May Access International CRS?

An authorized requester to the International CRS is usually a named individual from a national release center, a user from a member country who does not have access to a national release center or individuals from international groups who have been identified as providing specialist content.

How to get


into CRS & USCRS?

Both CRS & USCRS uses the Identity Management Service (IMS) to manage credentials. You can use your existing login name and password that you use for Confluence (if applicable). If you do not have account, please follow the instructions below.

If you already have an account to access


SNOMED International's Confluence, you will be able to access CRS with your existing account credentials, although you will still need to request access to be able to log in to CRS

If you do not have an account, or find that you do not have access, please fill in the following form to request access: Confluence User Accounts


The SNOMED CT Content Request Service is located here,

Logging in to CRS




Should you still have any difficulty, please contact us by sending an email to


Figure 1a. Once logged in through IMS, you are automatically logged in to the CRS. Choose the CRS from the list of IHTSDO tools and you will be redirected  to your CRS dashboard.

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Figure 1a





Need help logging in ?

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