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ActivityScopeDeliverablesTimeframe (suggested)LeadStatus
Provision of national perspectives on current SNOMED CT content projects and topicsRelevant current SNOMED CT content projects and topics as identified by the IHTSDO Content team
  1. Items will be raised as relevant over the course of the year. For each item raised the deliverable will be input and/or feedback as required within mutually agreed timeframes.
Provision of input on the topic/s within set timeframes as agreed by the CMAG and Content Team.

Cathy Richardson together with relevant IHTSDO Content team member for item being discussed.

Ongoing work plan item with topics and issues raised as required.

March 2017 status: First item for 2017 Care plans being presented at March meeting.

Prioritisation of the IHTSDO Content Tracker

Prioritisation of the IHTSDO Content Tracker issues at the component level.

Components explained: What the fields in the Content Tracker mean#Components

  1. Identification of the components are a 'high' and 'medium' priority for resolution by members.
    1. Within those of high priority- the key priorities should be identified.
  2. Prioritisation of the IHTSDO Content Tracker components using the Priorisation criteria and taking into account the Member input provided.
    1. At a minimum the top 20 components should be identified.
  1. Due by XXXX
  2. The top twenty are due by 28th February 2017

1. Cathy Richardson with support from Elaine Wooler and Linda Parisien

2. Sub group activity with the following members:

  1. Completed 21 February 2017

  2. Completed 2 March 2017
Development of collaboration on content development between Members

National extensions

  1. A Confluence page where Members provide information on their current content development.
    • Includes population of the page and agreement on the frequency of updates
  2. (On hold) An agreement (developed in collaboration with the IHTSDO) for the regular updating of the MultiEnglish browser
    • Includes- frequency of updates, when information is to be submitted by, format etc.
    • Given need for internal IT resources to support this - item is on hold. May or may not be done for 2017.
  3. Analysis of the extension content with
    1. identification of areas where
      1. two or more countries have developed content
      2. content has been developed by one country that is of value to another country
    2. identification of duplication of content e.g. equivalence.
    3. A proposal on how to manage content identified in points a and b.

Item 3 is dependent on tooling and the work occurring in the Modelling Advisory Group.

  1. Due by April face to face meeting.
  2. On hold
  3. Due by (provisional):
    • Initial update: April Face to Face
    • Analysis reporting: October Face to Face
  1. Matt Cordell with support from Cathy Richardson
  2. XXXX (small sub group activity) with support from XXXX (IHTSDO IT team staff member- if agreed with Rory)
  3. Olivier Bodenreider (sub group activity) with support from:
  1. TBA

  2. Being transferred for consideration for the 2018 work plan.

  3. March 2017 status update:
    • 9 extensions/editions have been collected
    • Analysis has commenced
    • Preliminary report to be provided at April meeting.