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The following rules apply to all 

tSNOMED CT Release Files


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  • SNOMED CT Release Files


  • are  are UTF-8 encoded, tab delimited text files.
  • contain a column header row, providing field names for each column within the file. Lower camel case is used fo r the field names (e.g.
  • use DOS style line termination. Each line is terminated with a carriage return character followed by a line feed character.
  • Each line, including the final line, ends with a carriage return character (hex 0D) followed by a line feed character (hex 0A).
  • The first line of each file, contains the names of each column (also know more generally as a field).
  • Field names are represented using lower-camel-case
    • First letter of name is lower case
    • First letter of each words apart from the first word in the name is upper case
    • All other letters are lower case.
    • For example:
      • id
      • term
      • typeId
      • relationshipGroup
      • definitionStatusId
  • The name, datatype and usage of the fields in each file are specified in the following sections of this guideShould have a last line that ends with a line terminator (CR/LF) before the end of file
    • .