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20:00 UTC:


Discussion items


Welcome & Apologies

1.1.            Introduction new member

  JMIApologies from a number of participants due to Public holiday and vacation.  
  1. Conflicts of Interest
  2. Minutes of last meeting

No conflicts of interest.



3.1.            Approval of minutes of last meeting and actions not on the agenda

Link to  minutes:

  JMIMinutes of last meeting approved with no comments.   

IHTSDO updates:


4.1.            Content

4.2.            Collaboration

4.3.            Management Board



Update provided on content of July 2016 SNOMED CT;

Update provided on collaborative activities ICN; DICOM; HL7; GTN; GMDN and LOINC.

MB update - there is a face to face strategy meeting of the MB, GA and IHTSDO Head Management Team in August.

Jane Millar Netherlands Nursing problem list.  

Update on clinical engagement and leadership



Clinical engagement team established led by IGR. 3 physicians will cover Americas, Europe and Asia including Australia.

Strategies being devised at the moment. Will confine to specific areas of clinical care based on a variety of factors.

RSI mentioned that BC is very close to recommending SNOMED CT for the Problem List and Interventions.


Professional SIG communications

6.1.            SIG information sheets; updates?

6.2.            Confluence management

6.3.            Outreach for new members

6.4.            Encouraging other clinical domains – how?


Needs updating with regard to current date etc.

Confluence site for the Nursing SIG and this has been approved as the template for all SIG pages.

Jane Millar - Make contact with Scott, Zac and Ray re. the SIG info. sheets and work of the SIG. Zac Whitewood-MooresRay SimkusScott Campbell


Jane MillarMonica Harry - meet to continue work on the confluence pages  

  1. Report from the Professional SIGs

7.1.            Nursing

7.2.            Dentistry

7.3.            Anesthesia

7.4.            IPaLM

7.5.            GP/FP


7.1 ZWM - reported that attendance at meetings has gone down; considering changing meeting times.

7.2 MJU - Dentistry subset adoption is hoped to promote use of SNOMED CT.

7.3 ANO - Collab agreement with emergency med physicians to harmonise terms; new VC being sought; work beginning on anesthesia subset.

7.4 - deferred

7.5 - deferred

  1. IHTSDO meeting planning

8.1.            IHTSDO Business meeting October 2016

8.1.1.              SIG Meetings

8.1.2.              HPCG meeting


8.2.            SNOMED CT Expo 2016

8.2.1.              Clinical and collaboration scheme

8.2.2.              Outreach to NZ audience


  Planning is underway and several groups will be meeting.  
  1. Any other business
  2. Date of next meeting
    RSI - Raised the Q of adoption Various local requirements for small subsets of terms; limited no. of terms needed and difficulty is how to identify content. Jane MillarIan GreenRay Simkus - add this topic to the agenda for a future meeting  

10.1.         September 5th, 2016


  20:00 UTC 

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