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In this section, we present the key requirements of the SNOMED CT MRCM. These requirements are grouped into 'constraint requirements' and 'design requirements'.

Constraint Requirements

The constraint requirements for the SNOMED CT MRCM include:


There should be a clear specification of which concept model rules apply to a given SNOMED CT module.

Design Requirements

The design requirements for the SNOMED CT MRCM include:


    • Leverage the work that has already been performed to support common requirements, such as versioning and intensional constraint definition,
    • Make it easier for the SNOMED CT community to understand the design and correctly interpret the meaning of the MRCM rules,
    • Facilitate the easier adoption of the MRCM rules by existing SNOMED CT implementers, and
    • Allow common terminology services to be reused to support the implementation of the MRCM. page-break