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14th June 2016, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC



Discussion items (In draft)


CRI provided short introduction on her background.


2Apologies/conflicts of interestCRI

Nil advised at meeting.

Note: Apology provided post meeting by Daniel Karlsson.

3Change in Chair and Content Management ExecutiveCRI

CRI advised on co-chairing by herself and Lesley MacNeil (LMA). Advised CRI taking lead for running of the group.

4ToR updateCRI
  • ToR update to reflect change of chair (see attachment- only change is chair details)
  • ToR update approved by group members.
  •   Cathy Richardson  to upload latest approved version to CMAG site.



Update and discussion

  • Inter AG communication
  • CMAG communication
    • Blogs: for announcements not discussions, though comments can be added.
    • Discussion area: for items requiring discussion by the group.
    • Useful Other useful links page. Intended to assist members with keeping across other groups.
      • If additional links are required just let CRI know.
    • CMAG Action List: for active use by group. CRI showed where to locate actions assigned to members in their personal space.
  • Content updates
    • Will the Useful Other useful links page be sufficient or are additional reports required?
    • Additional reports:
      • CWD and EWO raised there had been a request for a more detailed Content Development Roadmap
      • EWO - Pre-release content update of value.
      • OBO- Management Board updates in particular content relevant
    • Suggestion by CRI to focus on making meetings on activities rather than updates, though group members can raise if there are questions etc.
  •  Cathy Richardson  to follow up on inter AG communication
  •  Content updates Cathy Richardson  to take suggestions on additional reports for internal discussion
6Topic based management of itemsCRI
  • Proposed template
    • Link to template Topic or issue template
      • Template is best viewed in edit mode. A screenshot has been attached to the meeting page as an alternative to view.
      • CRI: raised ToR noting the need to gather input from members without a CMAG representative.
7Open topicsCRI/ALL
8CMAG 2016 workplanCRI/ALL
  • Criteria for measuring success
    • CMAG Work Plan 2016
      • Roadmap- due July 16.
      • Process for implementation of distributed editing - to be added July agenda
      • Working relationship EAG/ Content Team - closer relationship.
        • Inter AG comms will tie in here
        • Authoring team- change of chair
        • Add to September meeting for review
  •  Cathy Richardson  to chat with Lesley MacNeill on the updated roadmap. Will need to tie into request for further detail too.
  •  Cathy Richardson  to speak to Jim on EAG and CMAG relationship
9October Face to Face MeetingCRI/ALL
  • Discussion
    • Agreement on half day meeting
    • Plan to make it a working session
    • Ensure planning to support productivity
    • Potential for crossover of items with EAG to be considered.
    • Invite Jim Case to meeting
10Any other businessALL
  • Calendar invites- discussed given past issues with correct timing showing in some calendars.
  • Meeting minutes: Need for minutes raised. CRI will update the notes section post meetings to assist with keeping a record of discussions/decisions. Group can review each meeting and confirm agreement.
  • Provision of information prior to meeting important.
    • CRI: advised time to review and provide input will be allocated. Action list will be used to support this.

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