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  • SNOMED CT International Release Content Development
  • Request Submission

Why is this important?

Understanding the quality and rigor of the approach to SNOMED CT content development ensures user confidence in the quality of the content when implementing or using SNOMED CT.

What is this?

SNOMED CT International Release Content Development

SNOMED CT's content development is based on four basic principles that have and continue to guide development of its clinical content and technical design including:


Continuous quality improvement is the aim of SNOMED International. Quality processes are included as part of the work completed by the team of modeler's involved in SNOMED CT development. A documented scientific process is followed and content is defined and reviewed by multiple clinician editors. Conflicts between editors are resolved through an iterative process, based on achieving agreement and consensus, before being entered into the terminology. As necessary, the authoring team consult with additional experts to review the scientific integrity of the content.

Requesting Content Additions and Changes

SNOMED International provides a request submission service to gather and process requests for additions and changes to the content of the SNOMED CT International Edition. This service is directly accessible by National Release Centers (NRC) in Member countries and recognized Terminology Authorities within organizations with whom SNOMED International is actively collaborating. Organizations within Member countries can submit their requests for additions and changes to the National Release Centre. In some cases, requests with particular local relevance may be added to a National Extension. The NRC forwards requests that it considers have international relevance to SNOMED International for a decision. If a request is deemed to have high priority it should result in action in the next release cycle. However, requests that require significant changes that would impact on other content may take longer.