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  • Language and dialect preferences for use of particular terms to describe a concept. Language Reference Sets allow the preferred and acceptable descriptions to be configured for a language, dialect or context of use.
  • Subsets of components that are included in or excluded from the set of values that can be used in a particular country, organization, specialty or context.
  • Value sets of concepts limiting the permitted content of a field in line with requirements of standard message or communication interface.
  • Frequently used descriptions or concepts that can be prioritized for searches in a particular country, organization, specialty or context.
  • Structuring and ordering of lists and hierarchies to display concepts in convenient structured lists or tree-view controls to assist entry of particular data items.
  • Maps to or fromfrom other code systems the maps supported by Reference Sets includes simple one-to-one maps and more complex maps requiring human-readable advice or machine processable rules to resolve ambiguities.

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