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What is the SNOMED CT Content Request Service (CRS)?

This tool allows users to request modify or make additions to SNOMED CT.

How do I get to CRS?

Please go to or, where you will be asked to log in.

How do I obtain a CRS Account?

Please see, Accessing CRS.

Is there any quick introduction?

Yes. (and the screen is purposefully blank for a few minutes..)

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What type of content requests can I make?

Before making any request, please read the guidance on submitting content -

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nameCustomer Guidance for Requesting Changes to SNOMED CT Version 13.0 20230224.pdf

Users able to create requests to add, modify or retire information in SNOMED CT including:

  • Creating a new Concept(s)
  • New Synonym(s)
  • Add Parent(s)
  • Modify Description(s)
  • Modify Parent(s)
  • Modify Relationship(s)
  • New Relationship(s)
  • Retire Concept(s)
  • Retire Description(s)
  • Retire Relationship(s)
  • Other: 
    • Request for new attributes to be introduced
    • Request for existing attributes to be removed
    • Request for existing Refsets to be amended (new members or changes)
    • Request for enhancement (clean-up) of areas of SNOMED CT
    • Request for changes to the concept model
    • Changes to editorial policy statements
    • Changes to text definitions (e.g. "surgical procedure")
    • Request for Quality initiative to address specific quality issues within the Terminology

How are Requests Prioritized?

All requests are treated as normal priority with the exception of data errors. Where a request points towards a possible error in SNOMED CT, the request will be prioritized for investigation.

How do I submit a request? 

There are three methods of creating requests for SNOMED Content: Simple Mode,  Direct Mode, and Batch Mode. To learn more about these modes and help choosing the correct one see: Creating Requests

Can I save my Content Request and return to it later for completion?

Users may exit the system for later completion, validation, and submission.

Can I modify my Request once it is submitted?

As an requestor you can do a number of things on each request -  Managing Submitted Requests Screen

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