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  • Roadmap to be updated and issued every six months, January and July each year, and throughout the year when possible
  • Roadmap to focus on next three years i.e. next six international releases as best can be determined with known priorities
  • Roadmap to be ‘confirmed’ within year and ‘candidate’ beyond that
  • Rescheduling/removing ‘confirmed’ items to done only in exceptional circumstances, due to likely significant impact, and will include member and end-user communication
  • Rescheduling/removing ‘candidate’ items possible through discussion with Executive Lead Content and Mapping
  • Roadmap will include Technology Previews when required

Roadmap Per Section

Contains set deliverables & status for work plan items

Structural (foundational) - Drugs, Devices, Anatomy, Organisms, Substances

Fundamental - ICD-11, CMT, Functioning, Observables, Situations, Allergies, ICD-O

Reputational - LOINC, Event Condition Episode,Nursing, Dentistry, Ophanet

SectionAreas of NotificationLinkTiming
1 Content Request Service /Guidance

 SNOMED CT Content Request Service

Notice: Change to Service Level Agreement for International CRS

Deadlines -

As needed.
2Early Visibility - Planned ImprovementsEarly Visibility - Planned improvements to upcoming SNOMED International Release packagesAs occurring
3Daily Build Browser - Changes to SNOMED CTLast 24 hrs
4SNOMED CT Descriptive Statistics - Descriptive Statistics on the International Release that is currently being authored.Daily

SNOMED CT Multi-Browser -This is a special version of the SNOMED CT Browser which contains the following national extensions in one view in order to provide a way to compare content across different regions
56Previous Release NotesSNOMED CT January 2017 International Edition - IHTSDO Release notesFinal Posted at Release, Beta Release 1 month prior to release date
67SNOMED CT Editorial Guide - CurrentSNOMED CT Editorial GuideFinal Posted at Release, Beta Release 1 month prior to release date
78SNOMED CT Editorial Guide - Updates updates added per release
89Pre-coordination Patterns

Precoordination Pattern JIRA Project

Review of patterns blocking CRS tickets in progress.
910SNOMED CT - Accepted References List as required
1011PMO DashboardContent PMO Status ReportsMonthly
1112Key Performance IndicatorsContent KPIOngoing
1213Terminology Release Advisory GroupIHTSDO Terminology Release Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email
1314Member Forum NoticesClosed to MF members only Meeting schedule and/or direct email
1415Content Manager Group

Content Managers Advisory Group

Content Tracker prioritisation criteria Project

Per Meeting schedule and/or direct email
1516Modeling Advisory GroupModeling Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email
1617SNOMED CT Editorial Advisory GroupSNOMED CT Editorial Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email