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I was thinking about the extensions and translation that was brought up in the telco from yesterday. In the Netherlands we are using an extension and we create our own concepts. Translation is hot topic now in our country and we will more exhaustively translate in the near future (so we really need this tool!!). If in the authoring tool of IHTSDO it will not be possible to add dutch descriptions (including definitions) to newly created concepts we will have to do it with the translation tool. But I do hope it is possible? However, translations are driven by refsets in the tool, but I hope it will be possible to add our own concepts from our extension to refsets, also the intensionally created refsets? We are willing and be able to test the tool for the combination refset/translation, we have plenty of use cases to use as test data. The plan is to start using the tool as soon as it is deployed (if everything works ok for our needs).

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