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Jira issue: Interrupted gait

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Active descriptions for inactive concepts Other issues?

Nathalie De Sutter 

Why are not the descriptions of inactive concepts inactivated (automatically)?

Background: In the Belgian extension, we noticed a lot of active descriptions belonging to inactive concepts (due to inactivation of concepts when upgrading to the international edition). However, the corresponding descriptions are not inactived in the national extension. This might confuse users. This should be done automatically so that we don´t have to backtrack and find the descriptions in order to inactivate them manually. The issue has been raised with Terence, and we were told that inactive descriptions are not shown in the browser. However, the inactive descriptions should be shown as such in the browser (such as inactive concepts, which are shown in red).

Do other countries inactive these descriptions, or do they leave them as active?


It´s a data base issue

It´s a matter of implementation

There are some rules regarding this (according to the Authoring course). One should not inactive descriptions unless they are wrong.

Ole Våge invites Alejandro Lopez Osornio  to present the policy regarding this issue in the next TUG meeting. 

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