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This discussion thread was created to share some initial findings and start a discussion about how we might make concepts related to assessment scales and score more fit-for-use in clinical care (and research to accelerate knowledge discovery to improve clinical care). 

Assessment Scores

There are currently many, many concepts in the observable entity (OE) hierarchy for assessment scores.

  • Some concepts are child concepts of | Assessment score (observable entity) |
  • Other concepts are child concepts of more specific observable entity concepts
    • e.g., 105 assessment score concepts that are direct child concepts of | Mental state, behavior / psychosocial function observable (observable entity) |

If there is any Editorial Guidance around how assessment score observables should organized in the hierarchy, can we add it to this thread?

I extracted all assessment score concepts in the | Mental state, behavior / psychosocial function observable (observable entity) | hierarchy and started a very preliminary categorization of assessments based on the construct they measure. I would like to work with others who may be interested to more formally classify the instruments so we can represent them more precisely in the terminology. The document is attached, and can also be accessed here. 

Assessment scales 

See attached spreadsheet of assessment scale concepts extracted from SNOMED. This document can also be accessed here. 

Most of the concepts we have in this hierarchy are not specific enough to allow us to identify the specific assessment instrument. See table 3 in this document for an example of the many different versions of the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.  


Create a formal project plan for evaluating assessment instrument content in SNOMED. 

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nameassessment scales.xlsx
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