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Rutt Lindström Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld Frank Geier Ole Våge 


  • To speed up translations which involve descriptions in Medical Latin which are shared across several languages.
  • To enhance quality of translations with Medical Latin descriptions
  • To support interoperability between different countries where Medical Latin is being used

This requieres that Medical Latin descriptions

  • are made easily available for translators
  • are marked as Latin with the language code lat (ISO 639-3).

What is Medical Latin?

Medical Latin descriptions are descriptions in medicine which are in alignment with the morphosyntactic rules of the Latin language, for exampel arteria carotis, vena portae, musculus iliopsoas and os zygomaticum. Some descriptions are componds of both Latin and Greek, such as musculus iliopsoas, but these adhere to Latin grammar.

This definition excludes hybrid descriptions with national languages, such as carotid artery, portal vein, iliopsoas vein and zygomatic bone (in English).

Contributing NRCs

Estonia, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany .

Benefiting NRCs

Estonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark.


Latin descriptions are being used more or less in the following subhierarchies:

Body structureFindingOrganism?
<<272673000 |Bone structure (body structure)|

Isolated concepts such as 73211009 |Diabetes mellitus (disorder)|,

410607006 |Organism (organism)|

<<840581000 |Structure of peripheral artery (body structure)|


<<421466002 |Structure of peripheral vein (body structure)|

<<713515006 |Skeletal muscle structure of limb (body structure)|

<<371398005 |Eye region structure (body structure)|

<<3057000 |Nerve structure (body structure)|

<<362884007 |Gland structure (body structure)|

<<20139000 |Structure of respiratory system (body structure)|

<<71934003 |Genital structure (body structure)|

<<71966008 |Subcutaneous tissue structure (body structure)|

 Note that several grouper concepts are not represented by Latin description terms even though there are hybrid descriptions in the English language reference set.



BE NRC resources


The contributing NRCs will try at pilot of one of the subhierarchies in order to establish a apropiate working method. The pilot will be carried out January-Februar 2024.

Further Reading

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