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With the introduction of R5, the ConceptMap resource now features additional fields that can be used to convey additional information about mappings, for example the "mapRule" and "mapAdvice" columns of an extended map, like that provided for mapping from SNOMED to ICD-10.    The SNOMED on FHIR group would like make a proposal for how the various SNOMED features should be represented in the R5 ConceptMap resource, so as to support wider interoperability.

Resource ElementSNOMED Map FeatureDiscussion
Additional properties of the mapping (may previously have been called Additional Attribute)
"Definition of an additional attribute to act as a data source or target"   
Was source - just a change in name

Boolean to quickly say that there is no map available (previously had to create a target block and specify)
Was target.equivalence now uses a smaller number of codes, much more descriptive.


Was previously a string, now a choice of valueTypes ( 0..* cardinality)

"Other properties required for this mapping"   so further information that is required before a mapping can be chosen.  A list of information that should be supplied before the mapping can be completed - so "gender" might be an example.   The list of potential values that could be supplied may be returned in dependsOn.valueSet

See table in , in that case the dependsOn is presented like the "context" in which the mapping should be applied eg for a diagnosis or family history.

Has same structure as depends on.