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Scope and Purpose

Support of the information management cycle for the clinical laboratory requires interoperable terminology which will support the semantic requirements of the EHR data model for orderables, performables and resultables central to the clinical laboratory mission of responding to clinical requests for laboratory and pathology patient observation results. 

Orderables are the laboratory testing requests of the clinical community, which include defining elements for how the patient is prepared, what specimens are to be obtained by the laboratory and what are the clinical protocols involved in specimen accrual that effect how results are interpreted.  Performables include the technical methods employed by the laboratorian in specimen preparation and handling and/or conduct of the testing, as well as the standard units and codes employed for results.  The Performable specifies the laboratory processes selected by the laboratory to meet the expectations of the order.  Resultables have a 1:many cardinality relative to the Orderable depending upon the details of the orderable request and the reporting requirements of the Performable.  Resultables include the preparation and protocol details specified in the Orderable that are necessary to results interpretation as well as any technical detail of the Performable which the laboratorian considers necessary for interoperation of results.  In a simple and common case such as: 381000004108|Glucose [Mass/volume] in Serum or plasma after fasting (observable entity the Orderable and Resultable may be served by a single SNOMED CT Observable entity if the laboratory specialist decides that further testing details are clinically irrelevant.

Project Goals

  • To define the use case requirements for SNOMED CT terminology related to supporting Laboratory workflow
  • To identify and specify content change requirements to the international release of SNOMED CT, both changes to existing content and identification of new content based on use documented case requirements
  • To document the requirements for linking SNOMED CT to other terminologies and classifications utilised with the laboratory environment
  • To develop requirements of additional derivative products in support of SNOMED CT implementation within the laboratory domain, for example specification of reference sets

titleMeeting schedule

First meeting - January 2022 (WATCH THIS SPACE)

titleWeb conferencing details

The Laboratory Data Management and Interoperation Project Group has a dedicated Zoom account

The link provides a Zoom discussion forum, which doesn't require a chair/lead person, but provides access to a discussion space. All the functionality is still available, video, scene share. The only limitation is that currently it is not possible to record the calls. If this is required, please contact a member of the SNOMED International staff.

titleWays of working

Please click here to read the ways of working for Clinical Reference Groups

titleGroup Membership

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Laboratory Data Management and Interoperation Working Group Leads - James Campbell, Scott Campbell

For further information, please contact


We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports the clinical requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting, focused on pathology and laboratory medicine.

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