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Tasks are the way that Snap2SNOMED manages the workflow. All work being done within a map should be done through the tasking process.

Each task has a task type, an assigned user and assigned rows. Permissions for creating tasks is determined by the user's role (see table X)\

Task types

There are two different task types

  • Author tasks
  • Review tasks

Author tasks

Author tasks allow an assigned user to edit a source code mapping by adding or updating target codes, or adding "No Map" flags.

Review tasks

Review tasks allow an assigned users to review mapped source codes by giving them statuses of ACCEPTED and REJECTED.

Task assigned user

This is the user who is able to complete the task. Users who are not the assigned user are not able to access the task.

Task assigned rows

These are the rows that are assigned to a task. They allow users to interact with these rows within the task.