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09:00OPENING PLENARY (Welcome and introduction from IHTSDO)
09:30KEYNOTE: Minister of Health from Uruguay
 Stream A: Vendors/ImplementationStream B: Clinical/CollaborationStream C: SNOMED EnhancementEducation D: (English Language)Education E: (Spanish Language)
11:00"Facilitating implementations through an interface terminology that maps to SNOMED CT" Dr. Luna (34)ADA - Harmonizing SNODENT and SNOMED CT to support Dentistry EHR's "Improving search functionality and usability on the frontline" (21)Intro to SCT 
11:25Inserm - 'Linking SNOMED CT and Orhpanet to meet the needs of capturing infomration about rare diseases“How graphical user interfaces impact registration time and data correctness for SNOMED CT data entry” (2)  
12:00"From large scale cross border pilots to large scale deployment" (38)ICN - 'Working with the global nursing community in linking ICNP to SNOMED CT for Nursing Diagnoses and Interventions'"Searching and navigating SNOMED CT distribution, implementation and development formats: challenges and implementation alternatives" Vendor Termed (49)      
13:30"Lean, Agile SNOMED: Taking full advantage of SNOMED CT for real-world problem-solving without getting bogged down" Apelon Vendor (62)Clinical SIGS"The use of SNOMED CT and Description Logic to Calculate Quality Measurement" (22)SCT Implementation Part 1 
14:00"Implementation of SNOMED CT in a Surgical Logbook iPad Application" (57)"Adopting SNOMED CT with Physician Specialty Subsets"(47)"Performing analytics on SNOMED CT coded database - Serdang Hospital use-case" (71)  
14:30"Use of SNOMED in an advanced CDS application"(67)"Deploying SNOMED CT longitudinal history data for clinical research" (54)"Semantic Interoperability of National Poison Center Data"(19)  
15:30"Interoperability and Innovation in Drug Information Systems" (68) Vidal Vendor"Expressiveness of a local interface terminology in comparison to SNOMED CT" Vendor (32)"Building an Snomed CT Content Extension with Abbreviation support (51)SCT Implementation Part 2 
16:00"Chilean Pharmaceutical terminology" (18)"Interoperation of SNOMED CT Problem List within the Americas" (40)"Extending the coverage of phenotypes in SNOMED CT through post-coordination" (7)  
16:30"Implementation of a drug composition service based on UK’s dm+d model" (35)"A National Diagnoses Refset – Lessons Learned"(59)"The Portuguese Malignant Neoplasm Catalogue – Methodological approach and early findings" (42)  
09:00Welcome and Introduction from IHTSDO
09:30KEYNOTE: James Read Memorial Lecture by Dr Charles Gutteridge
 Stream A: Vendors/ImplementationStream B: Clinical/CollaborationStream C: SNOMED EnhancementEducation D: (English Language)Education E: (Spanish Language)
11:00"Creating the Uruguayan National Extension of SNOMED CT" (63)HL7 - 'SNOMED CT in HL7 value sets - messages, FHIR and CIMI'."Algorithmic Approach to Mapping SNOMED CT to ICD-10" (46) Intro to SCT
11:30"Clinical Documents Ontology for the National Electronic Health Record project" (58)"FHIR® works with SNOMED CT® – Implementing a National Federated Terminology Service" (20)"Extracting mappings based on existing mappings between SNOMED CT and ICD-10-CM"(23)  
12:00"Imaging Procedures National Catalogue in Uruguay" (55)"Clinical Dictionary for iHealth"(24)  
13:30"Experience using SNOMED CT in Electronic Medical Record solutions in Uruguay" (65) GMDN - 'From the EHR to regulation for medical devices - linking SNOMED CT and GMDN'Title: Clinical Terminology Governance (1)SCT Authoring and Editing 
14:00"Investigating the fitness of SNOMED CT as a potential standard for EU-wide eHealth deployments " (29)LOINC - 'Using LOINC and SNOMED CT in the EHR without overlap'"Graph database approach to management and use of SNOMED CT encoded clinical data." (5)  
14:30"Enhancing the Benefits of Electronic Health Record Investments using SNOMED CT" (25)"Development and implementation of standards in Laboratory Information System (LIS) using SNOMED CT and LOINC" (26)"Automated data transfer from EHR systems to national quality registries using SNOMED CT"(12)