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SNOMED CT is widely recognized as the leading global clinical terminology for use in Electronic Health Records (EHRs). SNOMED CT is used within EHRs to support data capture, retrieval, and subsequent reuse for a wide range of purposes, from patient-based queries to operational reporting, public health reporting, strategic planning, predictive medicine and clinical research. As the SNOMED CT encoding of healthcare data increases, so too have the benefits being realized from analytics processes performed over this data.




This appendix presents two sets of case studies that demonstrate data analytics with SNOMED CT:

  • Firstly, a number of projects that implement or support analytics using SNOMED CT are described;
  • Secondly, a variety of commercial tools which support analytics over SNOMED CT enabled data are presented.

These case studies form two appendices to accompany the report 'Data Analytics with SNOMED CT'. The purpose of this report is to describe current approaches, tools, and techniques for performing data analytics using SNOMED CT and to share developing practice in this area. This report aims to benefit members, vendors and users of SNOMED CT by promoting a greater awareness of both what has been achieved, and what can be achieved using SNOMED CT to enhance analytics services.