Proposal to further enhance SNOMED CT's capabilities using Concrete Domains

SNOMED International proposes an enhancement to SNOMED CT's logic features, which will increase the flexibility of SNOMED CT primarily to express numeric values.   This feature will be used to better express strengths and concentrations of clinical drugs as well as ingredient counts.  SNOMED International requests that users of SNOMED CT read this proposal paper:  SNOMED International Proposal for Representing Concrete Domains in RF2

Your feedback to the proposal would be greatly appreciated and will assist SNOMED International in making these changes as seamless as possible for the majority of users.   Please fill in the following Feedback Form.

SNOMED International will respond to feedback received on this page until the end of this consultation exercise on 31 December 2019.   

Please do pass this page on to any other parties you think would have an interest or be impacted by this proposal.


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