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This section contains information on how to claim expenses for

  • Employees and
  • Non-Employees


Claiming Expenses - Employees

As an employee, you will submit your expenses via zExpense, which is available here:

You may need a detailed set of instructions on how to use zExpense (to the right). Questions should be sent to

zExpense should be used whenever possible. However, should the need arise, there is also a SNOMED International Travel Expense Form. Generally this is used for non-employees.

UK Employee - Expenses

From 6th April 2017 (new UK tax year) we will be changing the way we reimburse those eligible for mobile phone expenses and likewise internet/broadband costs. They are to be reimbursed, as per other expenses, post submission of relevant expense via zExpense. An adjustment is then made via payroll by adding in the amount reimbursed, grossed up, then deducting the reimbursed amount. The Organization will bear the cost of the associated tax and NI, the net result being that no tax or National Insurance will actually be deducted from your pay.

Please continue to use zExpense to submit any claim, but from 6th April, please use the following codes

UK Employees Mobile Phone

UK Employees Broadband Charges

The Finance Team will then run a report from zExpense for these two accounts and add them to the payroll. The report will be run once a month - at the end of the month. As long as you forward the expenses on zExpense by the end of each month then they will appear on the report and be added to the following month's payroll.

Australian Employee - Expenses
Where a trip duration exceeds 5 days, employees are required to keep a simple travel diary detailing the business activities of the trip. Where this trip relates to conference attendance, the conference itinerary may be used to support the business purpose of the trip. Diaries are to be kept by the employee and submitted, if required.
At year end, an employee must submit a signed declaration confirming that expenses as they relate to telephone, dongles, internet and mobile, were for business use only.

Detailed set of instructions on how to use zExpense:

Claiming Expenses - Non-Employees

Non-employees who receive reimbursements for travel expenses include MB Directors, GA Executives, independent contractors, some Advisory Group members, and award winners.

Please fill out the SNOMED International Travel Expense Form, scan in your receipts, and email the form and receipts to You do not need to mail the hard copies of your forms or receipts anywhere. Please maintain the receipts at least until you have received your reimbursement.  

Please note that the per diem system is quite complex, so the Finance Team will be happy to help with that once it receives your documentation.

If you have any questions, please write to Please also see the Freshdesk solutions for Community of Practice travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions document provides guidance on how to claim expenses and when and how to use categories and dimension codes.


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