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Actions below are collected from other parts of this space/project.

To add an action, go to the appropriate part and page within this space, write the "at" @symbol to add the person's name, highlight the task, and click the "task list" symbol on the bar above or see here on this help page.

Task report

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 Completed tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Michael Osborne Contact Meagan Judge, Michael Legg and David Ellis from RCPA RE. Wellington meeting.
Michael Osborne2016-08-16 - iPaLM Meeting Agenda
  • Content for meeting was agreed upon

2016-03-15 - iPaLM Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • HSCIC and UKTC request 30-60 minutes of time at face to face meeting for discussion on mapping retired(ing) terminologies to SNOMED CT
2016-03-15 - iPaLM Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • SC presented examples of molecular pathology concepts developed as part of pathology terminology development pilot at UNMC. More extensive discussion to take place at London business meeting 
2016-03-15 - iPaLM Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Scott Campbell
    SC to coordinate with DK to establish a meeting agenda for the shared IPaLM/Observables meeting in London.

Scott Campbell2016-03-15 - iPaLM Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Scott Campbell2015-12-15 - iPaLM Meeting