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In line with the proposed updates to the CMAG ToR ( CMAG ToR proposed update_July 2016 ) this is a proposed update to the CMAG workplan for the remainder of the "Advisory Group" year. The Advisory Manual notes these run from 1 October to 30th September. 

Please note given timing of the update the success criteria have been scaled back . More extensive criteria will be set for 2017. We will look to take significant steps to progress the set criteria to demonstrate the success of this group e.g. the sub group to develop Content Tracker prioritisation criteria.


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12 July 16Feedback on proposed changes to the CMAG 2016 Workplan
Please post your final responses in the Country response table below. Discussion comments can be made as comments.





Proposed update to the CMAG 2016 Work Plan


Describes the aims and objectives of the Content Managers Advisory Group (CMAG) throughout 2016

Overall objectives

The main purpose of the Content Managers Advisory Group in 2016 is to provide IHTSDO with national perspectives on identified content topics and issues through provision of advice and feedback.  



Teleconferences will be held every month on the second Tuesday of the month, and alterations to timing of meetings will be notified in advance (within 2 working weeks)

Face-to-Face meetings

The Content Managers AG plans to meet at both IHTSDO Business meetings during the year.

April 2016 - London, UK

  • Business meeting scheduled April 17th-20th, 2016
  • CMAG plans to meet for one half day during IHTSDO business meeting
  • Agenda to be agreed

October 2016 - Wellington, New Zealand

  • Business meeting scheduled October 23rd-28th, 2016
  • CMAG plans to meet for one half day  - details to be agreed
  • Agenda to be agreed


Group members are expected to provide a national perspective to deliberations regarding content development through

  • Advice and feedback on current SNOMED CT content projects and topics 
  • Identification of and support in the resolution of relevant SNOMED CT content focused issues that are of national and international significance
  • Provision of advice and support to enable an increase in authoring capacity throughout the IHTSDO and its members (distributed editing)
  • Assistance to Head of Content and IHTSDO Authoring Team in the prioritisation of content tracker items


  • The Content Managers AG will enable two-way communication between the IHTSDO Authoring Team and its Members on areas relevant to SNOMED CT content development.
  • The primary routes for communications will be the Content Managers AG Confluence Space and AG Meetings.
  • Communications to the Content Managers AG will by default, be publicly accessible on the AG Confluence Space.
  • Information that is not for public view may also be shared on pages that are accessible to Content Managers AG members only. Requests for closed areas must be sent to prior to posting materials.

Criteria for measuring success

The key criteria for success of the Content Managers AG in 2016 will be related to the provision of advice and feedback to the Head of Content and the IHTSDO Authoring Team.

The key measures of success in this area will be:

  • Initial work towards the development of criteria to support the prioritization of the issues on the IHTSDO Content Tracker. 
  • Evidence of the timely provision of advice and feedback on content topics and issues that are presented to the Group for the purposes of seeking input. 

Note: Given the update of this work plan in July- August 2016, the criteria required for measuring success have been set taking into account the remaining time available for carrying out this work plan. More substantial criteria will be set for 2017.  

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2016-07-12 - CMAG Meeting - topic discussed at this meeting.

Country response 




Regarding distributed editing perhaps all we can achieve before the end of September is an initial discussion on how we might want to contribute to this.  Is that then still considered an “active contribution” perhaps yes?

The TOR states the critical success factors will be measured annually so any specific work item listed under criteria for measuring success for 2016 should probably be related to the TOR critical success factors.   I think for 2016 though there needs to be a caveat that progress towards the TOR critical success factors so far has been a lot to do organisational development of the AG and how we work and initial exploration of the issues at hand.



  1. Hi Cathy,

    Here are my comments and feedback.

    1. From when to when is the plan for again? Is it realistic to think we can achieve something around the Provision of advice and support to enable an increase in authoring capacity throughout the IHTSDO and its members (distributed editing)?
    2. Criteria for measuring success
      1.  would not repeat the below bullet in the criteria for success since it is already included in the TOR Criteria for success:
        • Evidence of the timely provision of advice and feedback on content topics and issues that are presented to the Group for the purposes of seeking input. 
      2. I would add what we have discussed around creating a process for major content changes and the communication to the community 
      3. I would remove: Active contribution to the development of a process that supports the implementation of Distributed Editing, if we cannot achieve the task within the plan timelines for this year.


  2. Hi there,

    This is an update to the work plan that was created back in December last year. The provision of advice and support to increase authoring capacity were already in the plan.

    • With provision of advice we can look at what has been done so far. 
    • The support to increase authoring capacity needs to be raised with the group to see what steps members have taken to date. 

    The Advisory Group year runs from October to September. We acknowledge that given timing of the update the tracker prioritisation and distributed editing process work will still be underway, but we can identify the steps we have taken towards these activities as achievements towards those goals. We could consider rewording to note initial planning etc as relevant. I'd tried to look at what already on the work plan for the group to do and also set a goal the group could start to actively work on - the tracker priorisation criteria.  

    I am bringing the Distributed Editing item to the August meeting after talking with Lesley about it. 

    I have already set up a page to start capturing the group's 2016 achievements (they need to be added at this point). CMAG 2016 achievements

    The ToR should be broader than this work plan, with specific work items listed here. In noting that the provision of advice is more generic as it depends on what is brought to the group for input and we may not know that when doing the work plan. I also expect that role to be ongoing.

    Input into the process for major changes - that could be considered for the 2017 plan. We'll look to work on the 2017 work plan at the October Business Meetings. For those who can't attend or dial in, they'll have a chance to review, provide input. 

    Thanks for all your responses.