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The results have been presented in order of the priority assigned (using the average of the results).

The green rows are issues that already have an assignee. 















IHTSDO-446artf221498-Revise procedure model to cleanly distinguish means, need (focus), and desired/expected outcome3.00N/A3.002.332.780.67    
IHTSDO-773artf228875-Otitis - review and correction of inconsistencies, duplicates, modeling3.003.002.332.332.670.67Highly used content, significant clinical area.This is such a frequent used dx, it should be fixed asap  
IHTSDO-987|Method| attribute target values: |Examination-action|, |Measurement-action|- review of use3.00N/A2.332.672.670.67This item focuses on |Method| attribute target values |examination-action| , |Measurement-action so would involve a lot of high use content.  So caution would also be needed because of this.   
IHTSDO-967Concept model for secondary disorders3.00N/A2.672.332.670.67 IHTSDO-556 X with Y, X due to Y is closed. What is the difference with this RFC?  
IHTSDO-678artf6235-Observable and Attribute semantic duality3.00N/A2.672.332.670.67User confusion with current status I would think.   
IHTSDO-844artf6314-Immunization and vaccination2.673.002.332.332.580.67 How much of this content can be prioritized while the substance Re-design is now addressing Substances issues?  
IHTSDO-970Revision of existing content to proximal primitive modeling style by applying authoring form algorithm3.003.001.67N/A2.561.33Large volume so will contain high priority clinical areas.  Impact on user in terms of changed content high but resulting in better subsumption based queries.This needs to be undertaken as soon as possible, although there might be some benefit to chunck this project in smaller piece, especially because it will most likely impact extensions and existing projects I'll abstain, just due to my view on PPM :)
IHTSDO-558artf221697-PATHOLOGIC PROCESS3.00N/A2.332.332.560.67    
IHTSDO-974Review of the |Monitoring procedure (regime/therapy)| sub hierarchy with model development3.00N/A2.672.002.561.00525 descendents.  Significant task to develop a concept model.  Lot of high priority health areas here.   
IHTSDO-571artf6255-SEVERITY2.672.672.332.332.500.33 Large releated other RFC, but blocking 1 RFC, but high priority for QV  
IHTSDO-114artf6181-Morphology = acute inflammation, chronic inflammation2.003.002.332.672.501.00 This is also quite basic elements that need to be of high quality. To do asap.Same problem as occurrence. Important to solve this for consistency in concepts and hierarchy and correct classifying 
IHTSDO-812artf222657-New attribute: Associated device2.33N/A2.672.332.440.33Noted that:
Potential confusion: ASSOCIATED WITH = device, vs ASSOCIATED DEVICE = device. 
IHTSDO-407artf6299-Frequencies and Courses: recurrent, relapsing, continuous, intermittent, daily, etc2.67N/A2.002.672.440.67   6265==6299
IHTSDO-323artf6265-Frequency and course2.67N/A2.002.672.440.67Linked to IHTSDO407 above  6265==6299
IHTSDO-181artf6176-Disorders with a role group that has more than one Attribute of a kind.2.673.002.331.672.421.33Blocked by IHTSDO347 but important for QAThis needs to be undertaken as soon as possible, although there might be some benefit to chunck this project in smaller piece, especially because it will most likely impact extensions and existing projects  
IHTSDO-867artf6252-OCCURRENCE2.67N/A2.332.002.330.67Large scale use of this attribute. Important to solve this for consistency in concepts and hierarchy and correct classifying 
IHTSDO-849artf6232-HAS INTENT2.33N/A2.332.332.330.00  Important to solve this for consistency in concepts and hierarchy and correct classifying676==849
IHTSDO-947New attributes: 'Associated with' attribute hierarchy_Representing temporal associations between procedures and their related disorders.2.00N/A2.672.332.330.67   This has actually progressed.. There's at least a "during" attribute now .
IHTSDO-986Modelling of seizure concepts3.00N/A2.671.332.333.00262 concepts that would require review.  Review in terms of modelling and semantic tag is no small task.  Possible duplication of content which is why I thought high clinical impact.   
IHTSDO-780artf6231-Procedure named by intended outcome2.33N/A2.671.672.221.00  Overlap with the has intent attribute review 
IHTSDO-608artf6253-Imperatives2.33N/A2.332.002.220.33It is a significant change from current policy though.  Could result in a high number of requests for additional content.This is labelled as a small project, when in fact it can be blown… perharps a more focussed starting point should be identified to constraint the resources better  
IHTSDO-676artf222711-Add in a role group: "Has intent" Many related Tracker items 676==849
IHTSDO-347artf6175-Relationship grouping: policy and content revision2.67N/AN/A1.672.171.00    
IHTSDO-1000Review of the range for the Associated finding attribute2.67N/A1.672.002.111.00Impact on HL7 users (use ofn Link asssertion)I'M not sure I understand this request and its impact  
IHTSDO-619artf222816-Review concept model: Screening intent vs. Screening type2.67N/A1.672.002.111.00    
IHTSDO-333artf230630-Allowance of "process" as an allowed value for attribute "due to"2.67N/A2.001.672.111.00Uncertain about terminology impact really but as this is an attibute then scored 3   
IHTSDO-62artf222769-New attribute METHOD ACCESS2.33N/A2.    
IHTSDO-525artf6211-Context values for actions3. volume content.  Procedure context Important for Care Planning International Model  No really sure that this is about - though actions are important...
IHTSDO-741artf6174-SUBJECT RELATIONSHIP CONTEXT values2.67N/A1.33N/A2.001.33    
IHTSDO-726artf6319-consistently put HAS FOCUS in role groups2.67N/A1.332.002.001.33 What is the impact if the attribute is not grouped? If minor, keep low priority  
IHTSDO-273artf222748-Review concepts: Intent actions vs. Means actions2.33N/A1.672.002.000.67    
IHTSDO-744artf6249-USING ENERGY2.672.001.671.331.921.33Potentially clinically important in energy source queries e.g. for radiation exposure.If this was not fully implemented since 2007, how urgent is this?  
IHTSDO-341artf6263-New attribute: SITE OF ORIGIN (of embolus, metastasis, etc)2.001.332.332.001.921.00 How urgent is this?  
IHTSDO-858artf6279-definition of grouper, whitelisting of exceptions to MRCM rules in User Guide3.001.00N/A1.671.892.00Risk for groupers to be used wrongly in clinical record so important to define these.Low priority  
IHTSDO-216artf6273-percutaneous1.672.671.331.671.831.33 Large releated other RFC, but blocking 2 RFC, but high priority for QV  
IHTSDO-940artf6246-FINDING METHOD2.67N/A1.001.671.781.67Over 3500 concepts in some high use areas though not sure clinical impact would be high.   
IHTSDO-1009What does "dysfunction" mean. Concepts are primitive2.001.332.331.331.751.00 How urgent is this?  
IHTSDO-219artf6248-USING SUBSTANCE1.33N/A2.001.671.670.67 Is this ticket still relevant?  
IHTSDO-502artf6205-Aggravating and relieving factors2.331. attributes 1241001 | Relieved by (attribute) and 410660005 |Aggravated by (attribute)| If this was not fully implemented since 2010, how urgent is this?  
IHTSDO-612artf222721-Add concepts: Episodes of care2.331.001.671.001.501.33Problems with sounding like ICD episodesLow priority  
IHTSDO-703artf6236-UnilateralN/AN/A2. is in construction now Important to solve this, also for NRCs to create consistent concepts 
IHTSDO-149artf6223-Qualifier start-stop points for onset, severity, episodicityN/A1.001.331.671.330.67Don't understand this one and not much detail there.Low priority  
IHTSDO-202artf6324-required vs indicated: same or different?1.671.001.001.331.250.67 Low priority  
IHTSDO-193artf6247-FINDING INFORMER1.671.001.331.001.250.67 Low priority  
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