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Dear CMAG members,

Please note that today is the deadline for submission of responses regarding the first stage of the Administrative concept review. Here are the instructions provided earlier:

Deadline - January 31st, 2019

3 areas have been prioritised for review:

  • Tab: Administrative status - 309012006 |Referral statuses (finding)| and subtypes
  • Tab: Administrative status - 307827002 |Registration status (finding)| and subtypes
  • Tab: Administrative procedures - 3457005 |Patient referral (procedure)| and subtypes

In the spreadsheet, please answer these questions for each:

  • Do you have a use case?
  • Can you provide a definition?
  • Which is correct grammatical format/tense e.g. "referred to" or "referral to" - establish most appropriate and internationally applicable.
  • Provide any other information which may be of use. "

Best wishes, Monica

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  1. We have started to look at this, but we won't be able to provide our input until the end of next week. Is that ok?

    1. Monica Harry AUTHOR

      Hi Jostein, absolutely, just a reminder. thank you, Monica