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10 April 2019 0900- 1230 UTC


Waldorf Hilton Hotel - London

Room: Mackenzie

Meeting Details:

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Sheree Hemingway


  • Page will be updated with summary notes from meeting.
  • Please see recording for full details.


Discussion items (In draft)

1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Attendees list

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Declarations of interest

  • Minutes of meetings

4Action listCathy Richardson

Reporting on content

Cathy Richardson
  • Discussion on the submission of content errors.
    • Structural correctness being managed under QI project.
    • Content tracker issues that already exist- reporting can be tied into tracker.
    • Errors impacting clinical safety are prioritised for the same release.
    • Errors in content can be submitted.


Context values for actions


Cathy Richardson
  • Context values for actions - concept definitions
    • Feedback on use of content at a national/international level has been received from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Canada.
    • Group members raised the need to consider FHIR/Hl7 and the state model document from UK in relation to this.
    • Definition development not progressed at this meeting. It was recognised that definitions may not be easy to define.


Administrative content work


  • Review of SNOMED CT International Edition Administrative Content
    • Discussed - to date most representatives do not appear to have a requirement to keep this content.
    • Canada may have requirements in the longer term but this is unknown at this point.
    • Netherlands - don't have a requirements for the content overall.
    • Translations may help identify content that is ambiguous.
    • Suggestion to look at some concepts that appear to make less sense, may not be procedures. Some may have been administrative not procedure concepts in READ. This would assist in finding content that can be inactivated.
    • Please see comments on the review page for input prior to the meeting.
    • The group will be provided with further hierarchies for review, though countries without interest in the content overall can advise not required.
    • FHIR overlap raised- this may be content to consider to keep.
    • Group interest in proceeding with this raised. No decision made.

8Any other businessALL
  • Next meeting 14th May 2019 2000UTC

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